Police rushed to the bus stop in Kiev: “I went on red light”

Полицейские влетели на остановку в Киеве: "ехали на красный свет"

May 1, Ukrainians shocked accident

The accident occurred in the center of Kiev. Mitsubishi police car tried to pass the intersection on a red signal of a traffic light. On the streets of Eugene Konovalets Big Vasylkivska from the collision, the car the cops took off on the sidewalk. Fortunately, pedestrians at that moment was not there.

Полицейские влетели на остановку в Киеве: "ехали на красный свет"

About it reported in group “Operational Kiev” in Facebook:

“At this time, was driving the Toyota, whose driver did not have time to brake and crashed into the police car”.

It is known that injured a police officer who was driving. Witnesses – shocked by what he saw:

“Law enforcement car was moving at a red light, say the police, they hastened to the call about the robbery, and flashing beacons with siren turned on almost at the intersection”.

On perekhrest Konovaltsya on Veliko Wasilkowska steel strenna two cars: #Toyota (#AA5310CH) that poltavskogo #Mitsubishi (#3170). For parmacy ocevidcev #accident, car prabakaran rahasia on zaboroneni signal swotor (Yak seem Sami polsmeny — pospeli to call “Grabovac”) and probostov beacons iz siren wmcli mayzhe on perekhrest. From strike auto copv valeta on the sidewalk, on yakomu on happiness, not Bulo Pskov. To Lorn iz trauma she Bulo hosptality Voda Mitsubishi.

Posted by Kiev Operational on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Recall that in the Ukrainian capital on prospect Grigorenko major accident involving eight vehicles. It is known that a drunk driver smashed the Mercedes to pieces seven cars.

Полицейские влетели на остановку в Киеве: "ехали на красный свет"

Drunk inadequate rammed the fence of a local car Park and smashed up seven cars parked there. The accident occurred at about 00:30:

“The Mercedes was moving along the Avenue Grigorenko in the street Boris Hmyria. The driver of the car ignored the separation of the roadway and flew into the green zone,” — eyewitnesses.

Recall, a car plowed through the Church, a lot of victims.

As reported Politeka, in the Poltava region overturned bus with passengers.

Also Politeka wrote that in the river a tragedy occurred on the highway.