Police in Dubai set a world record in the shot put airliner

Dubai police have set a new world record, dragging the 100 metres at the ropes Airbus A380. The action takes place during the festival, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, held in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai police record inspired by colleagues from Hong Kong that a team of 100 people passed the street with the airliner on a leash, decided to surpass the achievements. For this Emirati law enforcement authorities have reduced the number of participants up to 56 people. According to the participants, at the beginning of a huge plane like dug in the runway, but then went.

The record was recorded as the world in the Guinness book, which gave occasion Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum, who served as the capital of the Department of civil aviation to say a heartfelt speech. Sheikh told police that their record will be written in Golden letters in the history of Dubai. Numerous audience applause and congratulated his officers.

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