Poland States that do not recognize equality between the Armia Krajowa and UPA

Waszczykowski accused the UPA in the destruction of the civilian population.

Poland does not recognize equality between the home Army and the UPA. This was stated by the Polish foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, reports Interia.pl.

“We will never agree to put a sign of equality between the UPA and Armia Krajowa, and that we sometimes hear from individual Ukrainian partners,” – said Waszczykowski.

He accused the fighters of the Ukrainian insurgent army in the destruction of the population.

“On the part of the home Army was not the policy of destruction of the population in the area where there was a war with the occupier. By the UPA, such a policy was, and it documented the facts,” – said the Minister.

He noted that Poland remains a friend of Ukraine, but in Europe, growing anti-Ukrainian sentiments.

“We are patient, but other European countries such as Hungary and Romania, are already beginning to act against the interests of Ukraine, for example, in December will not be of the Commission Ukraine-NATO, but it will be a similar meeting with Georgia. We want the Ukrainians realized that they may have real problems created by not necessarily Poland. But Poland can help to solve them. Let’s see how they will react to it”, – he said.

We will remind, the authorities of Poland want to run a procedure that would make it impossible to enter the country people, who profess to be anti-Polish views.

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