Poklonskaya got in a new magical lie “Miserable”

Поклонскую подловили на новом феерическом вранье: «Убогая»

The controversial Crimean Prosecutor “nyash-myash” Poklonskaya Natalia amused network the new ridiculous pearl

This was reported by the political analyst Alexei holomuzki on his page in Facebook.

“Nyasha Poklonskaya put yesterday, fresh photos in “favorite hat of the grandfather”. This is despite the fact that both her grandfather were reported dead during the “great Patriotic war”. I wonder what kind of troops would wear such hats? The first red banner googlephone them. Dundee-A Crocodile?”, he said.

Note that the published the was the reason for caustic comments from the users of the network.

Nyasha of Poklonski put vchora swiu snapshot “in uglublennomu kapelus DDA”. At TSE, scho , obidva DDA computed…

Posted by Alex golobutsky on Sunday, May 19, 2019

“Miserable”, “her grandfather Chingachgook fought”, “Kolchak fronts”, “the Santa that her spire”, “fucking gorgeous!”, “what are mines dug”, “they are from the Luhansk region. There are not sobrero,” they write.

As previously reported, the controversial Crimean Prosecutor “nyash-myash” Poklonskaya Natalia amused network the new pearl about the protests in Yekaterinburg reported by blogger “Fascists Donetsk”.

“The Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Natalia Poklonskaya believes that the protesters in Yekaterinburg was subjected to neuro-linguistic programming. In her opinion, this is the last step in the destruction of Russia”, — stated in the screenshot.

Note that new pearl Poklonskaya gave rise to intense reactions from users.

“Client of a mental hospital”, “Diagnosis – schizophrenia”, “Everything is just getting worse”, for myself, it can be calm – no neurons, and NLP is not threatened,” “finally, the project “Russia closed, “Though she hadn’t made a mistake!”, — they write.

Поклонскую подловили на новом феерическом вранье: «Убогая»

Also we will remind that in the Internet ridiculed the controversial Crimean Prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya, which has decided to “bump” into poetry.

Yet it was reported that a notorious Russian MP Natalia Poklonskaya is married.

Also recall that the odious Russian honorable “NASA” Poklonsky going to remove from the Committee of the state Duma.