Poisoning as a Novice in Salisbury: became aware of a new victim, details of emergency

Отравление «Новичком» в Солсбери: стало известно о новом пострадавшем, детали ЧП

The network has revealed the details of the situation with the new poisoning “Newcomer” in the British Salisbury, injuring several people

This was reported by a British correspondent Rachel Venables.

According to her, the victims were police officers who arrived at the scene of the poisoning of Sergey and his daughter Julia. They came across a small batch of “Newbie”.

Отравление «Новичком» в Солсбери: стало известно о новом пострадавшем, детали ЧП

“Detectives counter-terrorism unit, who investigated the attack with the “Newbie” in Salisbury have confirmed the presence of traces of nerve agent in blood samples the police”, — is spoken in the message.

Verify that the names of the victims was not disclosed. Men passed blood tests that confirmed the presence in the body of a “Newbie”. They urgently sent for treatment.

Soon after, the victims have returned to work.

As previously reported, the Brit buried his mother from exposure to a powerful toxic chemical compounds called “Beginner”, wrote Putin, urging him to contribute to the investigation of the death of the woman.

It is known that the mother of Evan hope don Sturgess and her friend Charles Rowley, found the bottle with the remnants of the “Newbie” in Amesbury in June 2018. Don took a bottle of perfume and sprayed myself with liquid, after which she died.

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In December 2018, her friend Charles Rowley announced his poor health and possible imminent death. According to him, he could die within 10 years, and after poisoning his eyesight deteriorated and he became difficult to move.

Wednesday, March 6, Twittter Russian Embassy in the UK has published a letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin a British citizen Evan hope, son of the deceased in the past year, don Sturgess.

“Dear Mr. Putin, it has been almost a year since then, like my mother, don was killed by a “Rookie” in Salisbury, and I, like all of our family still live with that pain. The British police believes that the girl’s death, responsible for at least two Russians, but apparently they protect your state. I’m asking you as a person: allow our officers to question these people about my mother’s murder. That’s the least she deserves.”

Russian diplomats reported that Hope was sent a copy of the report “Salisbury: the unanswered questions”, as well as an invitation to conversation with the Russian Ambassador in London residence.

Отравление «Новичком» в Солсбери: стало известно о новом пострадавшем, детали ЧП

Recall, the doctor Skrobala was struck by sudden recognition.

As reported Politeka, UK scared of the new “Russian poison”.

Also Politeka told me that Julia Skripal made a Frank admission.