Poisoned: the sensational twist in the case of the death of Sergei Dorenko, “daughter vs stepmother”

Отравили: сенсационный поворот в деле о гибели Сергея Доренко, «дочери против мачехи»

The daughter of the deceased Russian journalist Sergei Dorenko suspect their stepmother of murdering his father

They believe that the wife of their deceased father’s not casual insists on cremation.

Daughter of Sergei Dorenko, Ksenia, and Catherine went to the police with a request to forbid his widow Julia to cremate the body of the journalist. Girls insist that the way their stepmother tries to hide traces of crime – daughters suggest that their father may have been poisoned, reports the Telegram-channel Baza.

Now Xenia and Ekaterina are going to ensure that the security forces checked their version. According to the information channel, the scandal began in the funeral home Troekurov cemetery. The conversation between Julia and daughters of the deceased immediately went on the raised tones and almost turned into a brawl – women had to separate the staff room. After that Ksenia and Catherine called the police.

Meanwhile, earlier it was reported that the cause of death of the chief editor of “Moscow speaking” was a broken heart. As stated by the surgeon Alexei Utkin, doctors have almost no chance to save Dorenko may 9. If he turned for help to specialists earlier, it is possible that the disease could be cured.

Отравили: сенсационный поворот в деле о гибели Сергея Доренко, «дочери против мачехи»

“For an hour or two before the rupture occur intense symptoms: pain behind the breastbone, in the back between the shoulder blades, increased blood pressure, but even if Dorenko went to the hospital in the morning, the chances of survival had been small. When aortic dissection is very high percentage of mortality,” – said the expert.

Julia, the second wife Dorenko. From the first wife, the journalist had left three children. The family was unable to agree on how he will be buried. Daughters — Xenia and Ekaterina require that the journalist was buried in a coffin, and the widow Julia insists on cremation.

Dorenko was killed the evening of may 9 in Moscow, after falling from the motorcycle. He was driving on the garden ring, in the area Nikoloyamskaya street he became ill. The journalist has lost control of the motorcycle, drove into the oncoming lane, where it crashed into a concrete fence. Sources said that the death was due to natural causes.

Отравили: сенсационный поворот в деле о гибели Сергея Доренко, «дочери против мачехи»

The cause of death was ruptured aneurysm of the thoracic aorta. Parting with him will be held may 12 at the troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

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