Poetry in all its forms

sophie-jeukens-voulu-offrir-programmation(Sherbrooke) The eleventh edition of the Festival of short text of Sherbrooke is not the most complex or the most technical, but it will return a little to the base, to the simplicity of poetry, says artistic director Sophie Jeukens. “It comes down to something simple in the relationship between the artist and the public,” she said.

This does not so much say it will be boring. In contrast, with Shards theme, Sophie Jeukens wanted to gather poets and artists as diverse qu’engagés and explosives, which speak of a world that is a little burst. The event still try to push the boundaries of what poetry, exploring several environments, many forms.

The festivities will begin on May 26 with a slam tales between five storytellers and slammers.

“Initially, the slam was invented to democratize poetry but above all to make it more dynamic, more punk,” says one who is also director of the Maison des arts of speech.

It’s been four years that organizers are launching the challenge Storytellers offer, in five minutes, an interesting and complete story.

Judges chosen from spectators spontaneously decide their favorite performance that will win a token price. “This is not a serious competition, we do it for fun,” says Sophie Jeukens.

There will also be a forum for authors from the region during the open microphone evening (May 28 to 22 h). A mixture of talent, both new and established, will share the stage in turn to expose the texts they wrote. “I find it important to keep spaces for emerging authors from the region, or those who are not poets. We make evenings like that since the festival, “adds Sophie Jeukens. “It’s a beautiful evening where listening premium. I always see new faces every year, and often it is the first time they speak before an audience. It is a beautiful springboard to discover new talents. ”

To conclude the activities, The Little Black Box opens its doors to host the closing cabaret. In a show about two hours, six poets and performers deliver a gross word. They will go straight to the point with their texts, some even mingle their voices to the video, multimedia and live music, made by Benoit and René Converset Zeledon. Daphne B, Julie Bernier, Simon Boulerice, André Gélineau Veronique Grenier and Jean-Maxime Lévesque take the microphone in turn.

For $ 25, participants can attend all the activities of the event, in addition to inspiring encounters. All programming is found in festicourt.org .

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