Podzimny planting onions: when to plant and how to care

When to plant winter onions, and how to choose grade.

Підзимова посадка цибулі: коли садити і як доглядати

Onion is one of the primary crops that are grown in the garden plots. It is planted in a certain period of time in spring or autumn. Podzimny planting has its advantages: the main one is the production of high quality crops. Before to choose the time when to plant onion sets in the autumn for the winter, you need to consider different factors. Autumn work will reduce the amount of planting in the spring. Enough to take care of the sprouts, and in the middle of summer already to harvest, informs Rus.Media.

The advantages of planting winter onions: the crop Matures earlier than the spring planting, so the place dug out onions you can put other greens green pen appears very early, almost from under the snow; after the quenching the cold, vegetable growing hardy and not susceptible to disease.

A significant disadvantage is that to plant large bulbs (the size more than 2 cm) to obtain the turnip is impossible. They almost all will go into the arrow. Put them exclusively on the pen.

Disadvantages podzimny planting onions: it is difficult to determine the optimum planting time, focusing on weather conditions in different climate zones; the need to cover the onion beds for the winter warming material; the rate of planting of bulbs needs to be increased by 10-15 percent to account for possible freezing during the winter.

When to plant winter onions

Time for podzimnih planting onion sets is selected based on weather conditions in the region. Best time – a month before the onset of cold weather. If you put the bulbs too early, they will begin to grow, release the arrow and will die at freezing. For later planting, onions will not have time to take root in the garden. In the fall you need to focus on the weather forecast. If the air temperature a few days, kept at +5 °C, it is possible to start work.

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Varieties of onions for planting before winter

It is better to choose a winter-growing hybrid varieties or species, calculated for short medium and light day. This means that the formation of the bulb will start when the duration of daylight will be 12-14 hours. Sets designed for spring planting, it is better not to plant a winter. Such varieties do not tolerate low temperature and after freezing early to put the arrow.

As a rule, the winter is better to plant varieties with a sharp taste. More sweet brothers love the heat and do not tolerate frost. But in the southern regions can be successfully grown with winter fashion and sweet varieties of onions.

Rules of planting onions for the winter

The distance between bulbs is best to leave the six or seven centimeters, and the groove positioned so that the distance between them was one and a half tens of centimeters. Continue vertically to place the bulb, gently compress the fingers, and sprinkled the soil, screed it.

Care onion, which is planted under the winter not needed. After the winter it does not grow, and “asleep”. Due to the fact that the bow is well rooted in the autumn before the onset of frost, it touches the growth with the onset of heat. And this affects the ripening and harvesting of onions. Care after planting onions for the winter, is only in the glaze and that is very rare. Autumn is often rainy. And in the spring care for onions, planted before winter, and carried on General rules for the care of onions planted in the spring.

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