Podkopayeva pregnant boasted a new photo: “shivers”

Беременная Подкопаева похвасталась новым фото: «до мурашек»

Olympic champion Liliya Podkopaeva is waiting for third child

40-year-old gymnast gives birth to her husband, American businessman Igor Dubinsky their first joint child.

Lilia Podkopayeva glows with happiness and share it with all your fans. A former athlete is carrying the child of her lover – a former resident of Kiev, who for more than 25 years living in Atlanta.

Беременная Подкопаева похвасталась новым фото: «до мурашек»

Podkopayeva on his page in social network Instagram posted a photo where she boasted pregnant belly.

Ex-athlete is dressed in a light gray modest dress turtleneck with long sleeves. In the ears Podkopayeva large earrings. Hair matched to the hair. Lily looking at the camera and smiling.

“Like I understand how to change the life that awaits, but the thrill and excitement from it does not become smaller,” commented the celebrity.

Fans of the Olympic champion was touched by the touching and left bright and kind comments.

“Lilya is, we all wish you easy and quick delivery!”, “Lyubavushka, it flutters and waves of LOVE inside you”, “VI tak mil s tummy”, “Everything will be fine!!!! Is the biggest happiness in the life of every woman! Relax, sleep more, walk! Good mood!” “Pleasant and exhilarating to shivers of awe,” “This is always the case when the magic happens,” wrote the Internet of the wearer.

Беременная Подкопаева похвасталась новым фото: «до мурашек»

Беременная Подкопаева похвасталась новым фото: «до мурашек»

Беременная Подкопаева похвасталась новым фото: «до мурашек»

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We will remind, Lilia Podkopayeva already has two children: adopted 13-year-old son Vadim and biological daughter, 12-year-old Caroline from her ex-husband Timofei Nagorny.

Earlier it was reported that Podkopayeva has published another photo with a pregnant tummy. In them she poses in a white dress and smiling very mysteriously.

Interesting time of the appearance of dress, which appeared ex-athlete. Its origins, wrote in a social network photographer Podkopayeva.

Беременная Подкопаева похвасталась новым фото: «до мурашек»

“When we agreed with Lilechka on the set, I realized that urgently need a new dress… a Whole day trying to compile it, but the puzzle didn’t add up, I haven’t seen Lily in those dresses! In General, I gave the job to his brain to solve this task and went to bed! In the morning this dress was the first picture that you saw my still closed eyes,” wrote the photographer and released a video of how we made photos with Lilia Podkopayeva.

Recall Podkopaeva told that actually her ties with Zapadnoi Lorak.

As reported Politeka, Podkopayeva turned to the main man in my life.

Also Politeka wrote that gymnast Lilia Podkopayeva showed her fiance businessman