Plump Sobchak stands for natural beauty

In an interview with the popular 36-year-old presenter and politician, shared his thoughts about beauty, which should not harm the health. However, she condemns the country to a mass extinction, the population aged 40 years if people continue to ignore exercise and proper nutrition.

Располневшая Собчак выступает за естественную красоту


Plump Ksenia Sobchak actively advocates for natural beauty, assuring others that she never resorted to plastic surgeons. According to the journalist, it can hardly be called a beauty, but it does not prevent her to love yourself and therefore love others.

Sobchak tries to prove by example that even without the appearance of the model “the girl can be successful, getting the attention of men, and remain yourself.” However, the media personality made a “loud” statement, which horrified many of her fans. “Harmful I believe the propaganda that we should not be ashamed of their 150 pounds, is hurting the health of the nation, and if we make it socially acceptable, people will throw diet and exercise. Tolerance will be increased to such a level that people will die in the forty years from diabetes, obesity and other”, – said the politician.

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