Plump Kamensky hid the stomach from the photographer: “this passion has led to…”

Располневшая Каменских скрыла живот от фотографа: «настоящая страсть привела к…»

Ukrainian singer NK – better known as Nastya Kamensky showed a new provocative photos

New husband Ukrainian rap artist and producer Alexey Potapenko Anastasia Kamensky published a striking photo. So in the picture Nastya Kamenskih posing in stylish dress over the knee either coral, or brick colors with print dark white spots. She’s shrill and invitingly looking into the camera lens, showing the full range of feelings directed to the beloved — it is possible that Potap and made this photo.

As you know, the pair now rest in Italy, many exaggerate the topic of pregnancy Kamensky — new photo — proof of this. So, showing off her womanly figure in the photo, the singer stands in half-turn, showing thus his stomach. Note also that Kamensky had slightly recovered, and the reason for this famous Italian pasta or expected pregnancy girls is still unknown. But still many of the fans do not rule out the latter option as more plausible.

In the photo her hair is gathered up, her elegant summer shoes — in General, the image turned out memorable. Signed singer photo Italian, loosely translated the caption reads as:

“Verily, I am your love.”

Располневшая Каменских скрыла живот от фотографа: «настоящая страсть привела к…»

Fans began to praise the singer as many have pointed out its natural beauty, men write mostly that she is very sexy, some that besides the body it is more does the audience not be surprised and some stated that the company “naked” photo, fortunately, behind:

“Very nice image”

“What a beautiful picture and not just one ass”


“You need to wear a dress below the knees”


“Monica Bellucci”

Располневшая Каменских скрыла живот от фотографа: «настоящая страсть привела к…»

On another photo a couple of “organized” sharing a selfie, they look happy. Fans write that they are both prettier in the face of obvious passion between them that could lead to pregnancy, the singer:

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“A beautiful couple”

“Nothing personal, butt in Bali these two clowns”

Располневшая Каменских скрыла живот от фотографа: «настоящая страсть привела к…»

As you know, Nastya Kamenskikh a big fan of the show itself. Many online Frank the singer – she unashamedly shows her figure in flashy costumes and sometimes without them. The singer, of course, is how the army of fans and many haters, indifferent that after a remote meeting with them by means of hot publications in social networks – does not leave.

Let us remind that earlier Potap and Nastya Kamensky spent the day on a yacht in Antalya. Nastya showed that on his page and was marked by a new hot shot.

“Just a month ago she was skinnier…”, “But Nastya has no waist. ))). Her Breasts and ass at once”, “it’s Time to lose weight,” write the haters.

However, there were those who think she is beautiful and attractive.

“Now, really Garni maiden”, “How beautiful”, “I don’t know de vie zahodite Nastia with donuts first Tolstoy. Yes, God forbid skin so vigliadeti. , a booty chest. All the while tions. Yak mozhna so zastiti vgcreate. Fu on You.”, “Girl sex”, “Well, you seem to Duki scho won bold)))And meni won Roscha”, “Cheetah on the boat”, “Delicious pampushka”, — write fans happy.

Recall, Potap Kamenskih showed on the wedding day in his underwear.

As reported Politeka, wedding Kamenskih and Potap: bride showed sensual photos and a touching confession of love.

Also Politeka wrote that appeared the first photos of a gorgeous restaurant near Kiev, where they will celebrate the wedding Potap and Kamenskih.