Plea for Elgin speed reduction

mireille-baillargeon-manon-gagnon-jean(Granby) in Granby Elgin Street was the scene of three accidents in as many weeks. A child was injured in the final. This is the straw that broke the camel. Forty residents filed a petition to the city hall to demand the implementation of measures to secure the small street, which, over the years, enjoying growing traffic.

“We need them (elected officials) act before they have a death on my conscience. It would be too unhappy, “dropped Manon Gagnon.

She said the number of accidents in the stretch of the Elgin Street between Elm and Alexandra, increases in an “alarming”. Often, accidents occur when motorists hit electricity poles arranged along the narrow street.

Elgin Street is located in a quiet residential area, but traffic is very important, especially during peak hours, while many motorists use it as a shortcut to avoid Drummond Street and traffic lights.

The high speed is causing the problem, denounced Ms. Gagnon, who met the East of The Voice, accompanied by two other residents, Mireille Baillargeon and Jean-Pierre Beaudry. Many motorists do not respect the speed limit to 50 km / h. To his dismay, Jean-Pierre Beaudry even said to have observed since last year a new phenomenon motorists who perform overtaking maneuvers on the street.


Elgin Street residents are not close to a petition. Since 1989, this is the third to file. The last was in 2010, when they were mobilized to keep the prohibition to turn right on their street from Drummond Street. However, they have not been successful: the ban was lifted. In 2014, without filing a formal petition, they made representations to elected during a council meeting that the ban is replaced, the flow of cars increased. But in vain.

This time, their demands are different. “We are not asking to prohibit the passage, we will not selfish,” Jean-Pierre Beaudry slides.

Residents still want three donkeys (removable winter) are installed, the speed limit is reduced to 30 km / h and the police have increased surveillance. They also suggest installing reflectors on the posts to make them more visible.

“These are accessible and legitimate action,” said Mireille Baillargeon.

It is important to act, says the trio residents, because the street is also taken by many walkers, joggers, cyclists and people who travel by scooters. The proximity of three schools also causes several children borrow Elgin Street.


Mayor Pascal Bonin said he was sensitive to requests Thursday for residents. Especially since he is aware that the Elgin Street is not a simple residential street: it is way office “transit,” he said.

“I’m ready to work. Their applications are in a sense that there can be a dialogue, “says the mayor. The situation would not have been the same if they had demanded again the return of the right turn ban from Drummond Street, he acknowledges.

“In what they want, I can already say that the reflectors are justified, inexpensive and logical,” suggests Pascal Bonin.

This however has reservations regarding the reduction of the speed limit and installing speed bumps. But “there are other ways to modulate the street so that people are aware of their speed and reduce,” he said. The capes and the installation of a signal at the center of the street reminding the speed limit, like the one installed on the Cowie Street, opposite the cemetery, are, for example, measures that might be put forward, he believes.

According to the mayor, studies have shown that the speed reduction to 30 km / h or 40 km / h in a residential area works a few months, but the “old ways” quickly regain the upper hand thereafter.

Certainly, says Pascal Bonin, “the citizen approach is well received by the city.” Citizen requests will be forwarded to the City’s Traffic Committee. “Let’s work the committee to find solutions most suited to the street as possible without creating other problems,” concluded the mayor.

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