“Playing for dysphasia” double goal

etudiant-secondaire-5-polyvalente-arvidaBefore holding the basketball game “Playing for dysphasia” Friday night in the gym of the Cégep de Jonquière, Louis Morin organizer can start celebrating. The original goal was doubled and the friendly match will be played in front of 300 people.

Dysphasia is a primary language impairment at the expression and understanding. To give a better idea, the mother of Louis Morin and coordinator of the event, Jozee Reid draws a parallel with dyslexia, a disorder in reading. “We are happy. People boarded and understand the need to get out of the shadow dysphasia. We need to talk in an attempt to normalize, as was done for dyslexia. Now it is the turn of dysphasia. Must stop the kids to hide and be embarrassed to be dysphasia. It’s just a language disorder. It will be less taboo, more young people will be able to take their place, to assume and to understand their difficulties, “expressed Jozée Reid, announcing that a second edition is already in the plans.

“Louis is privileged. He has an exemplary career because he has no disorder associated with his dysphasia, “she says, noting that the majority of young people with speech disorder do not get their high school diploma. Louis Morin will graduate in June and then continue the natural sciences at Cegep de Jonquiere. He wants to head the field of speech therapy at the university.

The profits generated by the business will be handed over honorary president Vincent Godin, also aphasic. The native of Trois-Rivières and open water swimming specialist identified two personal challenges in order to raise awareness. While there are still elements to be resolved, he would also realize his next challenge in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean this summer. “Vincent is a sporty, Louis also. The two decided to work together through sport to continue raising awareness, “argues Jozee Reid.

In the meeting, Louis Morin chose five players from four basketball programs in the Saguenay, the Blue and Gold Polyvalente Arvida and the Black and Gold Odyssee / Dominique-Racine in the juvenile AAA and the Cegep Gaillards Jonquière and cougars Cégep de Jonquière in college AA. “What I wanted to do is to associate levels. There will be youth and college together, but also to match players of Chicoutimi and Jonquière together, “says the ending that evolves itself with the Blue and Gold.

“It’s really a star match will be friendly. We do not want the game takes place in a spirit of competition. Everyone joins forces, “said Reid Jozée, highlighting the contribution of fifty volunteers, including young players.

Tickets will still be available at the door of the gymnasium at a cost of $ 5. elected officials, including MP NDP, Karine Trudel, and MPP Jonquiere Parti Quebecois, Sylvain Gaudreault, have confirmed their presence.

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