Playful beauty of “Kvartal 95” show intimate places: no underwear

Игривая красотка из «Квартал 95» показала интимные места: белья нет

Actress “Quarter 95” showed itself in all its glory in the provocative pose

Well-known member of the “Women’s quarter” Ekaterina Nikitina posted a selection of photos where she shows her womanly figure. She always emphasizes her figure in spectacular, often Studio shots. This time was no exception — the photo turned out particularly bright and playful as the blonde.

The actress flaunts in a swimsuit or a bodysuit or underwear on her not at all — is not known, the main thing is that the star laughs and stands on all fours — partly revealing her Breasts at the same time. But the most beautiful thing in this photo — its positive color and atmosphere.


I often say that I look like a Fox 🦊, but personally I don’t think so

I may be something similar, but I positioned as the cat!

Cats they are lazy, Yes… BUT!

If they want something, they “get any” that would get the desired!

And will turn up in the narrow box in which they are clearly not fit)

And will run after a mouse if necessary)

And will do what they want now)

And most importantly, always feel when someone needs help and they are always there and always treat!”, — says the blond beauty.

Fans out of the picture:

“Very good post I went. A photo is even more so”


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Игривая красотка из «Квартал 95» показала интимные места: белья нет Игривая красотка из «Квартал 95» показала интимные места: белья нет

Recall also the artist of Studio “Kvartal 95” well — known “Women’s quarter” Ekaterina Nikitina struck fans candid photos. Ekaterina Nikitina posted in one of the photos, where you see its silhouette – fit, it should be noted. The photo turned out a mysterious and outspoken at the same time. The girl in the photo flaunts in a swimsuit, however it is not very visible in photos but is noticeable thin waist, bare thighs and buttocks of the actress.

Recall and archival family photo of the stars of “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravets — it was published online yesterday.

So in the photo a woman poses with her family – obviously – the frame of family Studio photography. Photo Elena Kravetz parading around in a dress box, with her husband and teenage daughter – a girl dressed in the colour of the dress of the mother, the husband of the star actress in white. A man hugs his girls all smile and look happy.

Fans of this archival frame liked – many people write that the girls in the photo – just beauties, and the family looks beautiful:

“Beautiful family”

“Beauty girls, and dad is not far behind”

“You look beautiful”

Let us remind that the star of the Studio “Quarter 95” and the mother of three children Elena Kravetz not so often pleases his fans with new photos, and for the most part publishes the images associated with the work. However, recently the actress has pleased fans with rare frame.

So, the actress of the Studio “Quarter 95” and the star of the project “Women’s quarter” Elena Kravetz has won fans seductive way. She has published photos in a luxurious way in your Instagram.

We will remind, the hot beauty of “Kvartal 95” light up Breasts without a bra.

As reported Politeka, Kravets and other beauties “Quarter 95” struck bold photos from behind the scenes.

Politeka also wrote that the leader of “95 Quarter” showed who was behind Polyakova