Platform of the new electricity market not only works for companies that don’t want to start market – “Ukrenergo”

Платформа нового рынка электроэнергии не работает только у компаний, которые не хотят запуска рынка - "Укрэнерго"

Platform of the new electricity market does not work for those market participants who are against the market launch, this was stated by the head of the NPC Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk, during a round table “the Risks and benefits of the implementation of the new electricity market”

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“Involvement of DTEK demonstrates to the market that the platform works. They have all the registers, the graphics start point of the account between the two power companies DTEK are recorded without any problems. Other market participants is not obtained. And it depends entirely on what the market participants want the market was introduced, and who do not want” — said V. Kovalchuk.

However, the head of NEK confirmed that the platform is still at the stage of implementation and testing: “This is not the problem, according to the platform. She is still testing and it ends June 24,” — said Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

The representative of DTEK, Dmitry Malyar said that the company is ready to launch a market — DTEK about 3 months ago actively joined the testing platform “Company with high and even 100% likely to be ready to launch on 1 July. I also understand that “Ukrenergo” will be ready to launch, be ready the market operator,” — said D. Painter.

From 1 July in the second phase of the energy reform will earn the wholesale electricity market, including the market of bilateral contracts, the day-ahead market and vnutricletocny market, balancing market and ancillary services market.

Reform of the electricity market is organized in the framework of Ukraine’s implementation of the Third energy package of the EU. The aim of the reform is the creation of competitive wholesale and retail electricity markets on the European model. The timely introduction of the second phase of the reform depends on Ukraine to receive macrofinancial assistance from the EU (500 million euros) and a loan from the World Bank (500 million euros).