Plain tobacco packaging: a court battle is possible

proposition-implique-standardisation-grosseur-boitesThe federal government could face a legal battle as it prepares to impose the presentation of plain packaging for tobacco products.

The proposal, which involves the standardization of the size of the boxes and banning colors, logos and illustrations on packages, already calls the industry.

The spokesman for Imperial Tobacco, Éric Gagnon, said the government made it vulnerable to prosecution.

The warning from industry players is not surprising militant control and lawyer Rob Cunningham, who works as a policy analyst with the Canadian Cancer Society.

He believes that the industry will lose his bet if she decides to sue the government, highlighting the precedents in countries like Australia, where the highest court had dismissed the tobacco companies.

Health Canada has stated that the purpose of imposing neutral packages was to protect young people and other Canadians against incitement to use tobacco. The policy is not intended to violate the rights of industry to register and protect their brands, the ministry added.

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