“Piz*uyte themselves to the front”: the people’s deputies stunned a loud outburst in Parliament

"Пиз*уйте сами на фронт": нардепы ошеломили громкой выходкой в Раде

Members of the Verkhovna Rada is ready to create a new coalition in return for lounging

Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky commented on the outburst of people’s deputies. He protested the decision of the parliamentarians in his video on YouTube.

Representatives of “Batkivshchyna” and the PPB said it was ready to participate in the formation of new parliamentary coalition. At the same time, Maxim Burbak, the head of the party “people’s front” emerged from a unification on 17 may, said: the old has completed its task. Alexander Dubinsky indignant with the statement of the Deputy. He can’t think of any good achievements collapse of the coalition called “European Ukraine”.

"Пиз*уйте сами на фронт": нардепы ошеломили громкой выходкой в Раде

A similar claim, the blogger has put forward to address the “Fatherland.” He wondered why the party at the time left coalition, if now going again to start it.

“What right do these bastards have the right to talk about a coalition, to withdraw from the coalition, entering the coalition. The impression is that we have no war. Here I have the impression that we live in a peaceful developing country, and we in Parliament debate about how to build a nuclear power station and the Mars Rovers… the country goes To war, every day I read reports from the front that killed the soldiers, and they come out of the coalition. Then don’t talk about the war… then Magnus*uyte themselves to the front.”

"Пиз*уйте сами на фронт": нардепы ошеломили громкой выходкой в Раде

Alexander Dubinsky offered to the newly elected President to take harsh measures against people’s deputies after the dissolution of Parliament and right to apply them for the benefit of Ukraine: “stupid agendas all send to the front.” Men to send to fight on the front line, and women — to save the wounded in the medical parts. Because many of the parliamentarians in the five years became specialists in the field of military conflict. A journalist recalled how politicians often criticized the Ukrainians for criticism of the government with the phrase “Why aren’t you at the front?”

It is worth noting that the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy has announced that the coalition “European Ukraine” has officially ceased to exist. The Chairman of the faction “people’s front” Maxim Bourbaki at the plenary session of Parliament officially announced its withdrawal from the coalition after the members of the faction unanimously supported this decision.

Recall that Zelensky has decided on extreme measures: Parliament received a warning.

As reported Politeka, Happy beat Zelensky, the coalition is no longer: what will happen now, booming scandal.

Also Politeka wrote that the Verkhovna Rada messed Zelensky: “the inauguration is scheduled to catch”.