Pitchers Beaver and Pirates have not impressed

lanceur-partant-castors-etienne-saint(Acton) The Major League Baseball Quebec, we know, is an excellent caliber of play. But Wednesday night, launchers Beaver Acton Vale and St. John Pirates have not exactly given a clinic baseball with some 250 spectators at stadium Leo Asselin.

At the end of round six at the time of this writing, launchers had granted 14 walks and had reached four batters. And the game, which no end was in favor of the Pirates, who were leading 8-6. Twice, the Beavers have left three runners on base or in the first and fifth inning. What made them ill. But the Pirates have also recorded four runs in the fifth at the expense of Stephen Saint-Amand and Yohan Ochoa came in succession, while they trailed 4-3 at the time to bat. The second cushion player Michael Page had hitherto had three hits and is producing two points. Real machine to hit the outfielder Jonathan Lussier, Beaver, had meanwhile hit four hits, including three doubles, and did produce two points. Lussier began the game with a batting average of 560! And statistics have only inflate Wednesday. A rivalry intense rivalry leads the Beavers and the Pirates. Several players were met Wednesday and it was feared a couple of times as the benches emptied. It was not yet arrived at the time of this writing … Party in Arizona for personal reasons, Steve Green left Jean-Franqois Dorais lead the Beavers. He also sent off at the end of the sixth, after a controversial decision by the referee on the goal. And controversial decisions, there were several.

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