Pierre Mercier as President of the CCITR

ordre-habituel-on-retrouve-marie(Trois-Rivieres) At its annual general meeting, the outgoing president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Trois-Rivieres (CCITR), Karine Provencher, has passed the torch to Pierre Mercier for 2016-2017.

And when the balance sheet shows a slight surplus last year, membership fees reflect a decrease of 6.5%, turning their number now around 800.

“The Chamber includes several entrepreneurs and professionals and I intend to give these people the opportunity to create more business opportunities. I have the ultimate belief that our organization can stand out and allow our socio-economic environment to continue its growth. I’ll hold the issues that concern our members and will make it my priority, “commented the new president.

The founding president of Managements about a coaching trifluvienne business, training and consulting, is involved in the CCITR of the Board of Directors since 2014.

“It was a year focused on reflection. Certainly our actions were less visible to everyone, but especially very committed. We conducted a more in depth to anchor the new roots of the House, “admitted outgoing President Karine Provencher,

In 2015-2016, nearly 40 activities and events were organized for members. Great for business lunches COGECO remain popular while the Radisson Gala continues its tradition of highlighting entrepreneurs and personalities that stand out.

According to management, activities such as coffee meetings, training RH2, 4 @ 7 corporate and coffee-networking help meet the needs of members particularly in terms of training and business development.

The CCITR continues to work with its financial partners including a major that is added in May. Indeed, an agreement was sealed with Cogeco and Cogeco Digital Connection. In addition, there are three newcomers to permanence, Denise Béchard, eventful, Sarah Tanguay-Milot, project in work-life and Andréanne Guilbert, Communications.

“I am particularly proud of the year that just ended. Accompanied by my team and through our activities, we managed to stimulate and support business development and growth in business. The Chamber challenged views of various policy issues and it is in this spirit that I see the next year. I want to demonstrate the need for an organization like ours in the development of our community “, said the Executive Director, Marie-Pier Matteau, who just completed his first year at the helm of the organization.

During the past year, the CCITR has invested in various public records, including active participation in VIA-Rail project to bring in Trois-Rivières passenger train. The Coordinating Committee recalled that the issue remained in the priorities of the next year.

The CCITR also committed to helping small and medium enterprises to better equip themselves in terms of work-life, among others, with the help of a resource to hold talks with interested companies and organizations. This project creates the attraction in SMEs and get a better retention of the workforce, they say.

Development projects such as the Colosseum, the District 55 and CECI have received support from the CCITR. “We encourage ambition and audacity of these promoters that give confidence in the economic potential of trifluvian environment. The impact of these major projects are already being felt and we are delighted, “says Ms. Matteau.

“Notable collaborations with Innovation and Economic Development, Emploi-Quebec and the Societe de developpement commercial downtown Trois-Rivieres are perpetuated and allow the organization to have an overview of the issues that concern it,” said -t she concluded.

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