Physicians talking of the terrible: no drugs, “thirty people in the hospital, seven died”

Медики заговорили о страшном: лекарства нет, "тридцать человек в больнице, семеро умерло"

A list of diseases against which the doctors are powerless

Medicine is constantly evolving and finds a cure for new diseases. But still, there are diseases, for treatment of which mankind is still far away, according to his youtube-channel publishing Accents.

Scientists claim that humanity is on the verge of finding a cure for cancer and AIDS. However, there are a number of ailments, the study of which has not yet begun.

Encephalitis Lethargica

Медики заговорили о страшном: лекарства нет, "тридцать человек в больнице, семеро умерло"

The epidemic of this disease began in Europe in the early twentieth century, and later migrated to America. The disease has claimed many lives. Many experts tried to define what is the catalyst for this disease. However, until now no answers.

Encephalitis Lethargica starts as a normal infection, has similar symptoms — severe headache, weakness in the body and fever. However, this is followed by the seeing double or hallucinating. Then comes the lethargy, movement disorder, constant drowsiness (the person can sleep anywhere and any position). At the last stage — a man that falls into a coma.

Those few who managed to survive claim that man is conscious, but his body seemed locked. The epidemic was over, however, isolated cases occur until now.

The Marburg virus

Медики заговорили о страшном: лекарства нет, "тридцать человек в больнице, семеро умерло"

The first discovered virus from the family of Ebola.

In the small town of Marburg in the 60-ies was hospitalized 30 employees of a laboratory, died of -7.

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A person can spread from monkeys or bats. Of what ways can you catch a disease, nothing is known.

Stiff person syndrome

Physicians recorded only 200 cases of the occurrence that gives physicians the opportunity to learn.

The first sympton — increased tone in muscle tissues as a result the person loses the ability to move.


This scientific name intended for intolerance of sunlight. Human skin, appearing under the rays of the sun suddenly changes color and becomes dark, thin, in future bursts.

Then there are plagues that bring pain.
First seen in 1911 and often sick with the disease of the person at the time was called a vampire.

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