PHOTOS, Sylvie Tellier shares her sweet family holiday on Instagram – Here

Sylvie Tellier pass good holidays in the Var with husband, children and friend. The photos that she posted on Instagram bear witness to the happiness of summer.

On the 14th of July last, Sylvie Tellier said yes to the man she loves. She married Laurent, the father of her little Margaux, on the island of Porquerolles.

Surrounded by the ones she loves, the general director of society Miss France spent a wonderful time. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has remained in the Var to spend his family vacation.

PHOTO Sylvie Tellier presents his mother to the users

This Friday on Instagram, she has shared 2 tender photos of her and her two children, Margaux and Oscar. Alongside his two loves, Sylvie Tellier made his way on the water during a very relaxing boat ride.

Attention ! Even if it is pictures of summer, the point of a bikini is too high-cut for the former Miss France. Sobriety requires taking account of its status, Sylvie Tellier door so a white t-shirt over her bathing suit.

Sylvie Tellier tells his big time of depression after her reign of Miss France

Sometimes, she dared to remove the t-shirt, and show more bare… but always for a good reason, such as this Tuesday, when she posted a photo of it in full session of talks about yoga. Balance the head placed on the ironing board, she had a dream body in a very chic bikini 2-piece, white. At the same time, to get to hold in this posture very difficult, one imagines that it often leads to…

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