PHOTOS Michelle Pfeiffer and Penélope Cruz sexy : neckline XXL and dress slit for a great first – Here

See the slideshow On 2 November was held the first Crime of the Orient Express at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Where Penélope Cruz and Michelle Pfeiffer had their capital sexy, others were close to the accident of dress.

Kenneth Branagh had met with his players for the first of his feature film the Crime of The Orient-Express to London. It is therefore in the company of Johnny Depp as the producer and actor walked the red carpet, but also Michelle Pfeiffer and Penélope Cruz. And as much as to say that these have made a sensation. The men have had a little trouble watching Michelle Pfeiffer in the eyes since it is a dress of grey shimmering maxi neckline that she wore for the occasion. Penélope Cruz has chosen to bet everything on his legs and brown and is ultra successful. The wife of Javier Bardem wore a long black dress slit to see just enough of her legs to dream.

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On the side of the british singer Camilla Kerslake on the other hand, we flirted with the incident of the chest. The young 29 year old woman revealed under his dress ivory to the naked back of a side-boob of the sexiest that has unfortunately received a few adjustments on the spot. The busty Kelly Brook seemed to be about it is slightly compressed in her black dress with sequins, which emphasized her generous chest, which is surely not displeasing to her boyfriend Jeremy Parisi – and to others. Find all the pictures of the event in our slideshow.

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