PHOTOS Kate Middleton pregnant : in evening gown, she shows a belly nicely rounded – Here

See the diaporamaKate Middleton we had used during her previous pregnancies baby bump very discrete. But this time, it seems that royal baby number 3 decided to take his ease.

Finished the nausea caused by this new and third pregnancy, who had been bedridden and had made him miss the back-to-school his son George ! Kate Middleton is getting better, much better even, and she has again as a pro his royal obligations. And either with or without William, the pretty duchess made the show.

Yesterday evening, Tuesday 7 November, the wife of the future monarch was thus rendered a solo at a charity gala – good at the same time it was convenient since it was at her home in Kensington Palace – and she was especially radiant.

Wearing a long black evening dress signed by the designer Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate Middleton had a radiant glow and a baby bump nicely rounded. The arrival of the little brother or the little sister of George and Charlotte being planned for the month of April next, the beautiful brunette is so four months pregnant and, unusual for her, she is already showing lovely curves. To its previous pregnancies, the young woman had long displayed a belly shy, before they develop their full potential in the last few months.

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