PHOTOS Half Rose offers his chest looks dressed in a very daring – Here

See the slideshow Half Pink hasn’t had cold feet in London yesterday evening. The model of 22-year-old displayed no bra in a dress that you could see his entire chest.

Heat stroke on the English capital in the evening of 12 October. Half Pink, a fashion model 22 years of age most well-known for being the ex of rapper Tyga, was present at a party held for the release of the new issue of Sixty6. And as much as to say that level of modesty, the young woman had not failed to its reputation.

Dressed in a black dress – if you can call it like that -she has obviously decided to take the air in his chest. Forgotten so the bra : this is for a single metal ring connecting the two parts of her dress to hide her nipples – don’t push it no more than a Half Rose was made to hold the together.

>>> PHOTO Half Pink fully nude for a shot very sexy

Up to a few centimetres, we were close to the incident dress. Not sure that this bothers the main interested who has never used his fans to see her really dressed up. On his account Instagram or at official events, Half, Rose did not hesitate in the least to reveal its forms in outfits that are transparent, or really not very covering. In the month of march, it is in a tight dress transparent lace black leaving perfectly see her thong and her bra as the brunette arsonist was in a london club. What delight some of his fans !

Photos of Demi Rose, are to discover in our slideshow.

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