PHOTOS Committee Chyna lets out a bush in a holding ultra transparent – Here

See the diaporamaOn could not miss the… Committee Chyna made an appearance very noticed on a night out in Hollywood. Only one detail managed to overshadow all of her girlfriends with big necklines.

She had something special to celebrate ? In any case, Committee Chyna released the heavy artillery to go dancing with her friends at Benji’s Ball Wednesday night in Hollywood. It must be said that everything seems to calm down with her ex-boyfriend, Rob Kardashian. Lovers terrible have finally found an agreement for the custody of their little Dream, barely aged of 10 months. So, it can finally let go a little.

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During her tumultuous relationship with Rob Kardashian have learned nothing in terms of sexy attitude. First, the sisters did not want to share their experiences and advice ; and secondly, Committee Chyna is still very much her own all alone in this field. Its forms are very generous and it’adooooore put in before. She has also found the perfect neckline that will each time all of her girlfriends K. O.

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His fatal weapon, the mom of the little Dream was presented for the first time last June for the Maxim Hot 100. She wore a black dress, all in transparency, which revealed her chest. On Wednesday night, she was with the same kind of neckline, but white this time. And it makes all the difference. With the lights, the flashes of photographers (and even without), a pout made its appearance. Amber Rose tried to divert attention with his pink dress clingy, and the neckline ultra-dipping, but it was missed, it was him. And this is not Christina Milian who was going to steal the chest of the Committee Chyna. The sweetheart of M. Pokora had also tried the transparency, only on the belly. Maybe not to him, has there not passed the dress code ? Or rather the undress code !


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