Photo Topless Nicki Minaj for publication Paper blew Network

Popular actress and rap singer Nicki Minaj has pleased its subscribers a new provocative image.

This time the celebrity appeared on the cover of famous glossy magazine Paper, and it is noteworthy photo that Nicki Minaj Topless it is depicted from different angles.

The fact that the photo shows three women in skimpy outfits, and if you look at the picture carefully, it becomes clear – all three of seductress, this is Nicki Minaj.

In the photo, which will be the cover of the magazine, Nicki and her friends are clones behave rather aggressively. The picture on blonde Niki sits on the floor and simulate sexual intimacy with a brunette, which depicts Minaj. Next to the couple is a bit bent third Nicki with pink hair and shows off its charms.

The Sun believes that the singer Nicki Minaj 100 percent “hits the web this photo”, as she poses Topless and not full of herself, but with his clones, which look very sexy.

It should be noted that fans in awe of such a provocative photo shoot of the singer. Just less than a day the Nicky scored more than 1 700 000 likes. Fans have left hundreds of rave review, writing that in this photo, Nicki is just “fire”.

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