Photo, theatre, design… is what in Paris this weekend ?

Guy Bourdin for Vogue France, June-July 1978

© ©The Guy Bourdin Estate 2017 / Courtesy of Louise Alexander Gallery/


The photo beast fair

Guy Bourdin, Archives, January 1978
© ©The Guy Bourdin Estate 2017 / Courtesy of Louise Alexander Gallery

Guy Bourdin for Vogue France, June-July 1978
© ©The Guy Bourdin Estate 2017 / Courtesy of Louise Alexander Gallery

The largest trade fair of the photo is held in Paris until Sunday evening and brings together 190 exhibitors from thirty countries. Less exhibitions monumental as during the previous editions, with more small and medium-sized… The picture american 50’s to 70’s is very represented at Howard Greenberg in particular.

The launcher pavers, rue Saint Jacques, Paris, 6 may 1968 © Gilles Caron/Fondation Gilles Caron / NC 31

Don’t miss the beautiful booth of the galerie Louise Alexander, devoted to Guy Bourdin, the photographer’s most chic and cleaner fashion. Several exhibitions also see in the space Prisms, including that of Gilles Caron and his famous images of May 68, but also the portraits of Romy Schneider, BB, the Beatles, found on the stand of School Gallery Olivier Castaing. Don’t miss the ray “Books” : all the publishing houses are present with their authors.

At the Grand Palais until November 12. All the information here.

The clothes make the Indian

Photography end of the series the Others (Phase 1). Inde2009-2013. © Olivier Culmann /Tendance Floue

Photo-based series “The Others” (Phase 1). India 2009-2013
© Olivier Culmann / Tendance Floue

In the framework of the Meetings of photographic of the 10th, place de la République in Paris, the photographer Olivier Culmann (tendance floue) exhibits his series of ” The Others “. A funny idea which has materialized in a very funny idea : he posed in front of his goal by endorsing the clothes of different social castes in India. It is quite astonishing, and it is found that the garment the Indian. The series as a whole is to discover at the Centre culturel André-Malraux at le Bourget airport until 29 December.

Until 20 November, place de la République. All the information here.

Heal africa

Art and design african for the youth fair Akaa (Also Known as Africa) and the red thread, this year, is ” to Dress. Everything that is linked to the process of healing “. Many galleries selected by a committee ultra side : ‘azu Nwagbogu, the founder of Lagos Photo, Simon Njami, great actor of the artistic revival of the african, the gallery owner, French-Dominique Fiat, etc, Meetings and projections of photos, exhibitors.

Until November 12, the Tile of the temple, 4 rue Eugène Spuller, Paris 3rd. All the information here.

The poetry at the top

Paris in all letters. The night of poetry), November 11, at the Institute of the arab World. © DR

Saturday night is dedicated entirely to the French poetry and Arabic, contemporary classical with slameurs, rappers, singers, actors, dancers, circus people and performers at the top of the Institute of the arab world. Opening with the beautiful Camélia Jordana.

19 hours until the rising of the sun, free entry. All the information here.

Theatre – Don’t forget, by Olivier Ubertalli

The Shakespeare of Matías Piñeiro. Unknown in France, where only a few film festivals in the accents of latinos in Toulouse or Nantes have screened his films, Matías Piñeiro is a 35-year-old one of the argentinian filmmakers of today’s most talented. The Jeu de Paume dedicates a retrospective. The opportunity to discover a love of the text and worthy descendant of Eric Rohmer. Until 23 November 2017. Find the program here. Our portrait of Matías Piñeiro, read here.
Mohamed El Khatib, the star of the fall Festival. The director Mohamed El Khatib, which we drew up the portrait, would have been able to become a football player if injury had not changed his plans. He presented three pieces at the Festival d’automne : “Stadium “, “This is the life” and this weekend begins the ” Conversation between Mohamed El Khatib and Alain Cavalier “, in Rennes. “This is the life” at the Théâtre de la Ville-Espace Cardin, up to November 22, 2017.” Stadium ” avant-scene theatre of Colombes, November 10, 2017 ? “Conversation between Mohamed El Khatib and Alain Cavalier “, the TNB, Rennes, 11, 12, 18 and 19 November.
“The Hand of Leïla” : Romeo and Juliet made in Algeria. In the village of Sidi Fares and near Algiers, Samir takes the Harem, Cinema, small hall illegal and prohibited to women. There are plans, to the great delight of the young men who pay a dirham, of great western movies uncensored. Revelation of the Avignon festival off in 2016, “The Hand of Leïla” is a touching love story. Three actors of talent we prevail in Algeria’s troubled 80s. The theatre of the Rams, in Paris, until January 7, 2018. 3.

“Those who remain” : the fragile memory of the children of the Warsaw ghetto.
The French director David Lescot delves into the history of the two survivors of the Warsaw ghetto. On stage, the bare minimum. Everything is stripped. The two chairs. A man and a woman dressed in jean. A simple light, without effect. A powerful text and captivating on the memory. At the théâtre Déjazet, Paris, until December 9, 2017.

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