PHOTO Stromae : lovely shot to the side of his wife, Coralie Barbier – Here

Between Stromae and Coralie Barbier, it is love crazy. The stylist just share a cute snapshot of the couple.

Since they met through a mutual friend in 2012, Stromae and Coralie Barbier does not have more left. After having worked together in imagining the universe of colors of the singer, their relationship is over time transformed into a beautiful love story. There are soon two years old, the lovebirds have said yes in an intimate ceremony in an old church converted into a hotel near Antwerp, Belgium. Since then, the couple is united for better and for worse.

Welded, it is together that they are facing a very difficult period that beset the interpreter of Papaoutai. Weakened from her treatment of malaria in 2015, Stromae is in fact a victim of terrible side effects. In the darkest moments, he can fortunately count on the support unfailing of his wife. The latter has also just share a nice photo of them, taken in what appears to be an office.

On this selfie, you can see Coralie Barbier smiling with his Smartphone in hand, posing in front of Stromae who holds her by the hips. A photo where the couple is very complicit, but not that. It also allows you to give the reassuring news of the belgian artist, always stood up to the test.


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