Photo of the grave Zavorotnyuk leaking, rattles scandal: details

Фото могилы Заворотнюк слили в сеть, гремит скандал: подробности

The network does not cease debate about the secret tomb of a cancer patient actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Thus, the network recently passed rumors that the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk died. And there was even a photo of her secret grave, write “Days. ru”. Everyone said that the actress died long ago, and relatives simply hide her death. However, the assistant of the actress responded quite quickly, stating that the artist is alive.

But actually it was not so, as was presented in social networks. Really at the place mentioned, was a grave car crash. But it was a grave of her long deceased father, Yuri Andreevich.

Фото могилы Заворотнюк слили в сеть, гремит скандал: подробности

It is worth noting that father celebrity – Yuri Andreevich was a television Director and a member of the Russian television Academy. He rested in 2015. It is noted that the father of Anastasia for the first time declared its desire to become an actress and spent my entire life looking back at it, getting support. However, it is likely that the desire to go on stage Zavorotnyuk passed on from my mom – she was an actress in the Theatre of the young spectator in Voronezh.

Фото могилы Заворотнюк слили в сеть, гремит скандал: подробности

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It is worth saying that for the last time, the number of visit of the cemetery, namely the graves of the parents of the actress have dramatically increased. People are showing a morbid interest. Therefore, relatives of car crash asked for the protection of the cemetery to protect the grave from third-party visitors.

Earlier it was reported that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk slept the so-called state of stupor. This medical diagnosis to patients who do not respond to the surroundings and not notice anything around. In this state oppression of the mind that causes a person to sleep constantly.

Recall that the oncologist handed down a disappointing verdict for car crash: “there is only 48 hours.”

As reported Politeka with cancer Zavorotnyuk happened what everybody was afraid: “can not…”.

Also Politeka wrote that cancer Zavorotnyuk stunned by their appearance.