PHOTO of Ryan Reynolds making fun of the horrible look of Blake Lively on his last film and it is hilarious – Here

Undressed and lookée such as Sunday’s big break on the filming of her latest movie, Blake Lively is unrecognizable. A snapshot of the actress in this state near the Ohio, has just been released by her man, Ryan Reynolds, very mockingly !

At the Lively-Reynolds, the joke has always been a weapon of mass seduction. Either at official events or on the social networks, all of the stuffing is welcome to ambiancer their married life. In April 2016, when he ascended on the stage of the MTV Movie Awards to retrieve a price, Ryan Reynolds made use of his excellent second degree, to thank his wife, saying : “I want to thank my wife : everything I do, I do it to make her laugh, especially c*l. Thank you.”

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Last anything crazy online : the picture that Ryan Reynolds has shared with his followers a few hours ago on her over Instagram. Surfing on the buzz caused by yesterday following the release of pictures of Blake Lively on the set of his next film (The rhythm section where it is unrecognizable, dressed in rags in the streets of Dublin), the actor has released one of these pictures of scenes with only the caption ” No filter “. What cause the hilarity of his followers !


A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Nov 6, 2017 at 2:27pm PST

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