Photo of Dmitry Nagiyev no pants angered his adult son

Dmitriy Nagiev has published on his page in Instagram is really provocative pictures, which appeared without pants. However, this action has outraged even his grown-up son.

Dmitriy Nagiev – popular actor and showman from whom you can expect anything.

On the screens Nagiyev often plays comedic roles, but is not so active user of social networks, as many other celebrities.

His page in Instagram Dmitry fills not as often as I would like. But each publication vigorously debated by the General public.

It happened with the last photo of Dmitry Nagiyev published in Instagram. However, the reaction of the users of the social network was rather negative.

Nagiev has published two photos, which appeared before the audience with no pants. Of course, the showman remained in linen white color, but this has not saved him from criticism.

On one of the photos Nagiyev depicted without pants in the fitting shop, and another photo in the same way Dmitri is already near the bar.

Among the indignant public, which were not ready to observe the First channel host in his underwear, was seen, and the adult son of actor Cyril.

“All normal fathers, and my all over the country, the farm shows! How can I be?” – said Kirill, one of the photos of his father.
Most likely, Naghiyev did not expect such a seemingly innocuous gesture can cause such a response, so I deleted both photos from your page in Instagram.

“And scolded and praised. That is to say, the method of carrot and stick. And we are masochists-sweet tooth, it’s only love”, signed post your next presenter.
However, the removal of provocative pictures, Dmitry did not help, as candid photos Nagiyev without pants already rabitsa on the Internet.

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