PHOTO Nicki Minaj has a magazine cover rated X and very very weird – Here

Never stingy with provoc’ and buzz, Nicki Minaj just turn up the level a notch. On the cover of Paper, what are the three versions of herself that she brings to the stage in postures for the less surprising.

Of our days, be regarded as the queen of the provoc’, is not easy. Between clips, ultra hot Rihanna, the photos that go always more far from Kim Kardashian and other shooting nude Emily Ratajkowski, the challenge is difficult.

Nicki Minaj has just yet to raise up the hand and warm before. The rapper who has already proven in the past that she was not too modest, was offered the cover of Paper Magazine (remember, it is they who did put Kimmie naked in A) and it is worth the detour.

We are going to try to describe to you the photo, but this is not simple. In this shot, these are three different versions of Nicki Minaj, which are staged and… caress. Topless and sitting with his legs apart facing the goal, the Nicki brown is offering his crotch to his version of the blonde, while a Nicki redhead he fiddles with a breast.

You will have understood, this frame is very, very particular and has as its goal to “Break the internet” as it is indicated in the caption of the post Instagram. But hey, the more simple is that they leave you to admire, without forgetting – of course – to wish you a good day !

BTW, this is our new cover. #BreakTheInternet cc @NickiMinaj

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