PHOTO Moundir : her impressive weight loss during their participation in Koh-Lanta – Here

During his participation at Koh-Lanta in 2003, Moundir had lost twenty pounds. The latter has just unveiled a picture of him from this period, it is unrecognizable.

Fifteen years ago, Moundir was part of the adventure Koh-Lanta, which took place in Bocas del Toro, Panama. With its many shots of blood and his outspokenness, he quickly became one of the candidates emblematic of the season, despite the elimination at the end of 22 days. As everyone knows, the food on site is very difficult to find, the island does not offer sufficient resources of water and food. And despite the planting of sugar cane and cassava for the production before the shooting, the candidates are all required to lose a lot of weight.

This is the case of Moundir which at the time had lost a good twenty pounds. Shown in this photo taken during his participation in 2003. You can see the host of W9 very thin, the belly certainly muscular but very dug. Unrecognizable in this shot, the young dad recalled this period with great nostalgia : “2003 first adventure -20 kilos… there are adventures that remain in us but you need to know to turn the page… Take care of your friends “. And find to eat !

2003 first adventure -20 kilos… there are adventures which remains in us but you need to know to turn the page… take care of you friends ❤️❤️❤️

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