PHOTO Malika Ménard : her photo is very sexy in the towel, panic the canvas – Here

Malika Ménard has triggered a wave of heat on Instagram by posting a photo of herself with a bath towel on the back to prove that it happened to him also to take a shower…

Malika Ménard does it have showers ? This is apparently the question that are posed some of her fans as the beautiful Miss France 2010 felt obliged to publish a photo of her just dressed in a towel on Instagram. On vacation in Barcelona, the former beauty queen allowed herself to be photographed on the balcony of his apartment.

This photo to prove to you that it happens to me showering 😋 #barcelona

A post shared by Malika Menard (@malikamenard14) on Aug 12, 2017 at 2:11am PDT

Towel on the head, Malika Ménard displays a wide smile. If she is allowed to pose in this outfit, it is above all to respond to his fans who questioned his personal hygiene. In legend, Malika Menard wrote : “This photo to prove to you that it happens to me showering “. The reactions of his admirers were not slow to bloom in the comments.

One of them, for example, has responded to the pretty brunette : “Who doubted ? “The other told him on the tone of the humour that his pose in the towel be no evidence, absolutely nothing. The sexy picture of Malika Ménard was also very surprised by a visitor : “You have to prove that you showers ? “Apparently, yes.

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