PHOTO Jennifer Lopez raises her buttocks in the air with his love for Vanity Fair – Here

Jennifer Lopez is very captivated by Alex Rodriguez, his new darling. And to celebrate their love, the lovebirds posed together for Vanity Fair, with special guests the pretty ass of the beautiful !

In the United States when you are a superstar and you have a new sweetheart, there is a required step to cross : the photo shoot sexy two for a great magazine. In a relationship for several months, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are, therefore, offered their own photo shoot for Vanity Fair, and for the occasion, the bomba latina has shown the full extent of his love, and his buttocks, on glossy paper.

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The lovebirds posing for the famous american magazine, and between two pictures where they stand in each other’s arms, slipped another, much more sexy.

Sitting on the marble countertop in white kitchen version five stars, former baseball player (and ex of Cameron Diaz) takes into JLo against him. Until here nothing too fun, if not that of his right hand, he holds tucked up very high in the dress of his companion. A gesture rogue and reveals widely the famous ass of the singer, and its small string of rhinestones (for convenience we revert).

Jennifer Lopez recalls the early days of dating Alex Rodriguez in V. F.’s December cover story, but it was one text from @ARod that really took their first date to the next level: “You look sexy AF. “At the link in bio, see more pictures from the couple”s intimate shoot with @MarioTestino.

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A cliché ultra sexy directed by Mario Testino posted on the account Instagram of the magazine, and which recalls the legend that on her first date with JLo, Alex Rodriguez told him that he found very sexy. We could not be more agree with him !

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez each believe that if they had been single when they met, 12 years ago, the relationship wouldn’t have worked. “We had to grow and discover ourselves first,” Lopez says. But it also works for another reason. As their friend Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas says, ” They weren’t afraid to dream, and they are still dreaming, both of them. “At the link in bio, read V. F.”s latest cover story. Photograph by @MarioTestino.

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Out of two often surreal lives, @JLo and @ARod are managing to make one wonderfully real life. He says, ” We are very much twins. “She says,” I understand him in a way that I don’t think anyone else could. “Read Vanity Fair”s latest cover story at the link in bio. Photograph by @MarioTestino.

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