PHOTO Jade Lagardère : in trikini, she displays her silhouette, the dream – Here

On Instagram, Jade Lagardère takes the pose in a very nice swimsuit. A trikini golden that will certainly please.

After lighting up the canvas with his photo shoot hot for Maxim, Jade Lagardère flew a few days later under the sun of the Bahamas. Enjoying the idyllic setting of the islands, the wife of the wealthy businessman took the opportunity to take new photos. One of them has known a very large success on the web. Just wearing a white shorts, this last appeared to stand, naked breasts, revealing a small piece of bush.

This time, it is in a sublime bathing suit she appeared on Instagram. Posing in a trikini golden, the pretty brunette took the opportunity to display her perfect figure. A shot that, again, elicited many comments from his fans. You can read a few compliments : “Very beautiful photo “, ” The beauty of this photo says it all, beautiful “, ” Lightness, joy of life and always so pretty. “It has always been as much effect.

“ Life is all about balance,taking the good with the bad “

A post shared by Jade Lagardère (@jadelagardere) on Nov 12, 2017 at 1:06pm PST

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