PHOTO Iris Mittenaere : his remembrance of the holiday warms to the internet – Here’s

Iris Mittenaere want a little escape. Miss Universe shared an old photo where we see her enjoying the sun in the middle of the sea, a shot that has a lot longer to her fans.

Since she has been elected Miss Universe, Iris Mittenaere was not idle. Just the tiara placed on the head, the pretty French has put his bags in New York to start a year marathon, a year rich in emotion. Yes, to be the most beautiful woman in the world, it is a lot of responsibility and therefore, a calendar is busy !

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A few weeks ago, the beautiful brunette had managed to get free to attend the weddings of her friends. She first went to Paris to congratulate the journalist Charlotte Namura, sublime in his dress white original, and then she went to join her friends Miss France in the South, all gathered for Sylvie Tellier, who has said ” yes ” to her mate Laurent.

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After these beautiful days of celebration, Iris Mittenaere took over the plane… and the work. Travel to Mexico to support an association of which she is the ambassador, back to the States for the election of Miss Teen USA, photo shoot… It was not a minute of it. A bit nostalgic, Miss Universe has shared on the social networks, a memento of a vacation. Sitting in the back of a boat, it poses “#cheveuxauvent ” in the midst of a sea of beautiful blue. And this is not the beautiful landscape that was fascinating to its subscribers, but its nice bikini flowered that highlights her gorgeous body. “Too beautiful “, ” real natural beauty “, ” Magnificent “, ” Perfect “, ” Canon “… It has received a wave of comments and welcoming atmosphere. What give the smile and a perfect complexion to be Miss Universe while waiting for his next leave.

Need this … 🏝☀️ #throwback #island #cheveuxauvent 😝

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