PHOTO Evangeline Lilly (Lost) shows his body very muscular in a bikini – Here

On Instagram, Evangeline Lilly has shared with his fans his diet to have the same body as her. As a bonus, she has published a photo in a bikini, where she displays her impressive musculature.

With her character, Kate Austen, Evangeline Lilly made the beautiful days of the series Lost. Since then, the pretty brunette has tried other things and has, in particular, out of the books for children, before returning to his first love, the cinema. Now to the poster of the franchise, Ant-Man, the actress has been working hard and had shown a few weeks ago, the result on Instagram.

Arms are very muscular which have not formed themselves, as if by magic. In a new publication on the social network, Evangeline Lilly explained everything she was doing to have a body as sharp. In the caption of a photo where it seems to run to an immunity challenge on Koh-Lanta, the actress details the diet first it follows to improve his ” muscle definition “.

#waspworkout 🏃🏻♀️ #muscledefinition #bodyfat . For those of you who have been on this Wasp Workout journey with me, working to build some more muscle, but don’t feel like you’re seeing the results, let’s talk about body fat. The key to muscle definition is body fat. Most rock stars and super models don t spend hours pumping iron, but many have very visible muscle definition, even if they don t have enormous muscles. Whether your muscles are large’or small, the key to seeing them is reducing your body fat (hopefully not so far as rock-stars and super models 😉.) . When I want to drop a quick few pounds to enhance my muscle definition, I have a few, go-to clothes I incorporate that are predictable and simple, but very effective. 1. REDUCE MY SUGAR/BOOZE INTAKE. I don’t go cold-turkey. I like moderation. But I do cut it back significantly, aiming for at least two days a week with NO sugar other than the little bit of honey I put in my tea in the morning, and the other days with very small amounts of sugar. (Watch out for hidden sugar! Check your ingredients! It’s in everything these days!). When I do eat my little square of dark chocolate gold that cookie with my tea, I remember to ENJOY IT. If I worry about it and feel guilty while eating it, I’ll miss all the pleasure and just crave another. 2. REDUCE MY PORTION SIZES. One of the hardest things to get in the habit of is only eating until you’re satisfied and no more. It takes concerted practice because so much of our eating is unconscious. Purpose of slowing down and really paying attention so that I don’t eat beyond satisfied, and I don’t eat when I’m not hungry, is huge for body fat reduction. 3. ONE MEAL A DAY WITH NO STARCH. 4. INCREASE VEGGIE INTAKE. Without drowning them in sauces, oils and dressing. Again, I use those yummy things, but in moderation. (See #waspworkout #veggies.) . I’ve heard experts say that losing weight is 30% exercise and in 70% what you eat. In my life, I’ve seen that to be true. . So if you’ve been working hard for a while building up your strength, it might be well worth it to work hard for a while to clean up your food intake and watch your results pop out!

A post shared by Evangeline Lilly (@evangelinelillyofficial) on Oct 11, 2017 at 1:22pm PDT

Evangeline Lilly does not delete anything, but reduces the doses of sugar, the size of their meals and eat more vegetables. A menu, where it is deprived, therefore, of nothing, but where it is evidence of ” moderation “. The actress also reveals that sport is not the essential part in a fitness : “I’ve heard experts say that to lose weight, it is 30% exercise and 70% what you eat “. To see his muscular body, you could have rather said the opposite…

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