PHOTO Christian Millette (Dancing with the stars) : his fears the idea of having Elodie Gossuin as a partner – Here

Before Elodie Gossuin as a partner in Dancing with the stars, Christian Millette had some concerns. People had reported to him that she would give him a lot of trouble.

More than a few days before the launch of the eighth season of Dancing with the stars, scheduled for 14 October on TF1. Since about two weeks, it is known that Elodie Gossuin was as a dance partner Christian Millette, who was a team last year with Valérie Damidot. And he was quite fearful of the idea of having the ex-Miss France as a co-fellow, as he reported in an interview with Tv Star.

“I never expected anything. […] I was told that it was steep, it was not necessarily of pace and so I said to myself that it was going to be may be difficult, said Christian Millette, who, however, had a good feeling about it. Me, I wanted to be with Elodie because humanly speaking, it spoke to me. It was something that was very touching. We had already met and she was something that shone in the eyes, it was as a child in fact. ”

And he was not mistaken since he has been pleasantly surprised by it during their first rehearsals. And even if there sometimes has bread on the board, the dancer is very patient. “Start at zero, that is the goal in fact, he continued. So this is not serious if she can’t dance. It is less cool when the connection does not pass. “There, she looks well-established.

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