PHOTO check out the puppet Kev Adams in the new Minikeums – Here

The Minikeums will soon return to tv on France 4 with five new puppets more in tune with the times. The first has just been unveiled : it is Keva, alias Kev Adams !

They are back : after a hit with children for nearly 10 years, between 1993 and 2002, the Minikeums will again invade the television sets. But this will not be, as you could have guessed, just like before. Say goodbye to Coco, Vaness, Jojo, Me Sé, Nag, Zaza and Josy, the new puppet will stick more to the new stars of the small screen. And in fact, Télé unveils today the first of the five new characters that will be very soon on France 4 : Keva, alias Kev Adams !

The #Minikeums make their grand return to tv on France 4 with the puppet… @kevadamsss !

— (@TeleLoisirs) November 14, 2017

As detailed in our colleagues, in this new version of the show for children, each of the Minikeums will be accompanied by a service animal. To see the first photo, it seems that Keva has as a sidekick a small pet lion mane blue. A duo that we will be able to find soon on France 4, from 16: 30 to 18: 45. As in the original program, the puppets will perform skits between sets and the cartoons released in the emission.

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