PHOTO Ariane Brodier this his sister, who is his carbon copy ! – Here

A few weeks of its birth, Ariane Brodier can count on the support of her big sister. The facilitator has also unveiled a photo complicit with this latest, which looks the same.

At 38 years old, Ariane Brodier is expecting her first child with the club rugby player Fulgence Ouedraogo. A dream of maternity, which listens finally to the young woman, who has struggled for years to fall pregnant after several miscarriages.

Now pacified, and impatient to hold in her arms her baby, Ariane Brodier sharing his daily mom-to-be on her blog, but also on his account Instagram, where she exhibits proudly her curves, while giving good advice and sharing her best looks.

On the social network, Ariane Brodier has also shared a lovely snapshot in the company of her big sister, Sandie. “What a joy this day spent with Sandie Beez came over to see the bottle from his little sister,” said the mom-to-be in the comments. With their long blonde hair, their same blue eyes and same smile, the resemblance of the two frangines is striking.

Fans of Ariane Brodier, themselves, have had the impression of seeing double when he discovered the photo where les soeurettes dalyne are both dressed in black. The complicity of the two young women was clear in the eyes. A force which will be able to count the mom-to-be when his first child is going to be pointing the tip of his nose.

What a joy this day spent with @sandiebeez … came to see the bottle from his little sister ❤️?? #sister #familyfirst #pregnant #blueeyes #love #saturday #southoffrance

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