Phone numbers of Ukrainians massively hacked: “SMS comes and…”

Телефоны украинцев массово взламывают: «приходит SMS и…»

Ukrainians are in a moment to hack into smartphones

Hacking starts with an SMS message with a type code that is sent to the mobile phone.

Experts have managed to detect a vulnerability in SIM cards that permits fraudsters to intercept the messages and calls subscribers, as well as their geolocation. Now billions of mobile smartphones can be hacked at any moment, writes the Tech.

Телефоны украинцев массово взламывают: «приходит SMS и…»

It is curious that this “vulnerability” began to use “specific private company”, which collaborated with several States and watched us users in the last two years.

“This vulnerability is actively used by a private company that works with governments to monitor individuals”, – said the expert. According to them, criminal know-how technically complex and sophisticated than those previously used to hack phones.

What is the essence of hacking? The subscriber who has a smartphone will receive an SMS message with a specific type of code for SIM Toolkit — management of your SIM card.

Since vulnerability is related to the technology embedded in the SIM card and not device-specific, it can affect every smartphone that uses a SIM card, regardless of brand or model. So the danger to absolutely everyone!

After the spy “Trojan horse” entered in the mobile phone, the attacker can freely download into your gadget to malware.

“We can with high confidence say that the source is a large professional security company, with very challenging opportunities in the field of alarm systems, and in mobile phones,” – said the expert. They are not told whether it is possible to protect against such hacking your mobile phone.

Previously, we reported that the code in the phone hack can be disguised as birds singing or your favorite tune. Scientists of the Ruhr University in Germany found a threat in modern voice control systems.

It turned out that the voice assistants that are present in many gadgets, you can hack through indistinguishable to the human ear commands. The commands can be broadcast on television or radio to mask the sound of birds singing or the usual noises.

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Using these sounds you can make someone else’s phone to work as listening devices. Also, the researchers were able to help a innocent at first glance, the audio to turn off the alarm, “smart home” and open the lock of the front door.

Телефоны украинцев массово взламывают: «приходит SMS и…»

Attackers can hide these commands in the music, downloaded or listened online, in videos or any other content that contains audio.

Thus it is possible to take control of the Bank settlements, steal personal information and almost completely control a person’s life.

To guard against such attacks should be banned voice assistants to make purchases, to connect to banks or to open the door of the house using voice commands.

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