Philippe Saad exchanged in Three Rivers

lanceur-philippe-saad-quitte-voyageursPhilippe Saad no longer part of the Voyageurs. The 22-year pitcher had requested a trade and his wish came true on Sunday when Martin Pouliot was traded to the Trois-Rivieres Aigles against two players and a first round pick in next Entry Draft.

Travelers have added left-hander in 21 years Samuel Cournoyer and player of the infield Raphael Perron, a giant six feet, two inches and 250 pounds 18 years. Saad was his last season in the Junior League baseball elite of Quebec (LBJEQ).

“Recently, Philip was pinching shoulder and I did not have the choice to be honest with Trois-Rivières to say what was with his situation, explained the manager of Voyageurs. The Eagles want to especially restore and have for the series. ”

The baseball man explained that under the circumstances, he could not afford to keep in the entourage of the team a player who wanted to leave.

“He gave me a list of four teams, I responded to his request and we wish him well in Three Rivers, mentioned Martin Pouliot. For the future of the travelers, we just pick the good bits. Raphael Perron is a big hitter left that could give us valuable services in the coming years. In the case of Samuel Cournoyer, he still has a year and a half in the league. In terms of Saad, he wanted to go so as to keep a player who is unhappy. It’s always more difficult to get his full potential in that time. ”

Since the beginning of the season, Samuel Cournoyer has kept a record two wins and one loss with the Eagles. He was on the mound for 21 innings, allowed 17 hits and retired 14 strikeouts. For his part, Raphael Perron struck for 154 before being traded.

LBJEQ the teams have until July 9 to complete transactions. Martin Pouliot has confirmed work on certain issues, without revealing more.

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