Philip Morris is trying to hide the truth about his dangerous Scam IQOS in Ukraine – media

Philip Morris пытается скрыть правду о своей опасной афере с IQOS в Украине - СМИ

International tobacco company Philip Morris was organized in Ukraine large-scale fraud and to conceal the truth about the harm their products – e-cigarette IQOS — trying to put pressure on free press.

This writes the newspaper “Vgolos”, reports channel 24.

So, a number of Ukrainian media have published the data of the international organization Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which says that in the framework of the global campaign for Philip Morris in Eastern Europe in Ukraine are promoting the “IQOS friendly” bars and restaurants, IQOS is sponsoring food festivals, fashion events for children and teenagers, the advertising of the brand is present on the car.

As a result of such actions, according to the study, more than 40% of adolescents (aged 13 to 15 years) in Ukraine tried electronic cigarettes and almost one in five regularly uses them.

While today there is no confirmation that IQOS are harmless to health and help to overcome the dependence on cigarettes, as evidenced by Philip Morris. In contrast, expert opinion suggests that IQOS can be even more dangerous than classic cigarettes.

So, in 2018, the specialists of the Administration on control over foodstuff and medicines of the USA has come to the conclusion that IQOS may increase nicotine addiction. But scientists at the University of California said: no burning of tobacco in IQOS does not mean the new-fangled safety device.

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Fearing that all of this information will be made public, Philip Morris began to put pressure on the Ukrainian media and to threaten them with lawsuits, demanding to remove the information about the dangers of IQOS and the extent of involvement of Ukrainian children in non-Smoking this product.

We will remind, earlier journalists caught the company Philip Morris in attempts to oust the Ukrainian market of domestic producers to sell their products at lower prices than international tobacco company.