Pharmacy Internship: panic in the faculties

quelques-mois-premieres-ponctions-leurPharmacy schools have more and more difficulty in finding internship sites for their students. So much so that obtaining some degree could be delayed or even downright threatened, according to the executive assistant of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval, Daniel Kirouac. Already, two students had to postpone the end of the two month study because the University was unable to find them a training environment.


In June 2015, the pharmacy owners signed an agreement with Quebec in which they agreed to punctures 400 million over three years on their remuneration. In exchange, the government promised to raise the ceiling of their professional allowances, also known as rebates, over three years. The first punctures were taken in September. But the benefits of the ceiling still not lifted, putting some pharmacists in a precarious financial situation calls for months the Quebec Association of Pharmacy Owners (AQPP).


Reduction in hours, cuts 1,000 jobs … In the last month, pharmacists have adopted several measures to achieve financially, according AQPP. Mr. Kirouac added that more pharmacists have stopped offering internships. “We have 1059 placement of monitors in our bank. Of these, 408 did not offer any availability to teach in the last year. We are caught in the throat, “said Mr. Kirouac.

Same story on the side of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Montreal, Lyne Lalonde. “Pharmacists supervise internships for free. They have more and more misery to come. We begin to see pharmacists who can no longer take trainees, “she said.

Number of courses held each year by students

University of Montreal: 1500

Laval University: 4000

TRAINEES pay the price

Ms. Lalonde emphasizes that students are increasingly worried about the situation. Especially since last week, Quebec tabled a resolution in which it finally imposed a partial and gradual lifting of allowances ceiling.

Lifting of professional allowances limits adopted by Quebec

April 2016: 25%

October 2016: 30%

January 2017: ceiling raised to two years and three months

According AQPP, 82% of pharmacists will not be able to absorb the financial impact of punctures. “Since the announcement last week, we saw a wave of disengagement pharmacists to internships,” says Mr. Kirouac.

“For sure when you cut your hours in, you do not have time to supervise internships.”
Jean Thiffault,
President AQPP
The office of the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, is said not to have been informed of this problem recruitment pharmacy tutors.


According to Mr. Kirouac, a team of five people working every day at Laval University to try to find students with internship opportunities. “They must work miracles. Some students need to be seen four or five times since environments desist, “he said. Recently, 522 students were to be placed for an internship in the spring. “Of these, 70 still do not have space and the start of training is imminent,” says Mr. Kirouac.

He adds that the University had recently achieve a draw from four students to see which could get the remaining two training places. “They lack that training for these students [to graduate], notes Mr. Kirouac. The two who have not received the training had to agree to postpone two months [the graduation]. There may be a graduation problem if nothing moves. Because internship opportunities, we can not lay eggs. ”


Tonight, members AQPP will hold an extraordinary meeting. The leaders of the AQPP ensure that this is a briefing. But Mr. Kirouac fears that pharmacists vote some pressure tactics, including stopping the supervision of fieldwork. “If so, it could be dramatic,” he said.

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