Pets can heal from deadly diseases: new research

Домашние животные могут лечить от смертельных болезней: новое исследование

Seals are not only cute, but useful

Researchers have shown that Pets not only help us to cope with loneliness, but can also treat serious diseases.

Many have noticed that if a person has something hurts, cats often fall on this place. A powerful biofield these little animals could improve the overall health of the person. Scientists have proven that nice cat’s purr is able to make broken bones heal faster.

Cats nose feel cancer cells

English lady named Angela was saved from the death of her cat Missy. The hostess noticed that Narovlia cat became very soft and flexible, moreover, constantly lay on her chest. Angela such changes alarmed, she drew attention to their health and well-being. In the chest, which was pressed against the cat, was painful.

Домашние животные могут лечить от смертельных болезней: новое исследование

The woman went to the doctor and found out that her body has cancer cells. With the problem managed to cope and for that, Angela thanked not only doctors, but also a beloved pet.

Two years later, Angela noticed that cat again shows an unhealthy interest in her Breasts. It made the hostess immediately go to the hospital, where doctors confirmed the diagnosis of breast cancer. Missy managed a second time to save the life of his mistress: she found a tumor at an early stage. The operation was successful, and the cat, for his vigilance, was nominated for the prestigious cat award Hero Cat at the National Cat Awards.

Домашние животные могут лечить от смертельных болезней: новое исследование

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Earlier we wrote that a cat of breed the Sphinx will warm its owner in any weather, because this mustached warmers extremely high body temperature of 42 degrees. And since sphinxes are completely devoid of hair, they can be considered as ideal Pets for Allergy sufferers.

Scientists from the U.S. claim that the contents of the house cat can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks men by 20%. The study covered 10 000 people aged 40 to 80 years. 70% of men lived to 85 years of age, kept cats.

Recall what Pets are being treated for stress and psychological disorders.

As reported Politeka, Pets saved from cancer: how to understand the hints Pets.

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