Petition for sale without restriction weapon Orlando killer in Canada

omar-mateen-auteur-tuerie-orlando(Quebec) A petition circulating in Canada for the AR-15 weapon used in Saturday’s massacre in Orlando, Florida, is sold without restriction in Canada. Organizations for this status change argue that it is not more dangerous than other weapons of the same type already sold without restriction in the country.

The online petition since January has collected 25000 signatures, 2277 in Quebec. It is sponsored by Bob Zimmer, Conservative MP for Prince George-Peace River, Northern Rockies in British Columbia.

The AR-15 rifle is currently considered a restricted weapon. It can only be used for sport shooting in shooting clubs, not for hunting. Purchasers must be licensed for restricted weapon.

Originally, it’s an automatic assault weapon known as M-16, used during the Vietnam War. That sold in Canada is the civilian version. This is a semi-automatic weapon with a magazine capable of containing five cartridges, 223 millimeters. “A class which is enough to kill a coyote or a marmot, not the big game launches Guy Morin, vice president of All movement against a Quebec registry of firearms and gun collector.

Question appearance

He argues that the classification of the AR-15 in the category of restricted firearms in the 90s was not made for the right reasons. “His appearance a little scary reminiscent war has hurt him more than his dangerous. Other weapons, with exactly the same technical characteristics, are currently sold without restriction. It’s black. She looks out of a Rambo movie. It’s scary. ”

This weapon is appreciated, especially by women, for its light weight, adjustable stock and a weak decline in the shoulder during the shooting, says Morin. It is not surprising that it is among the most sold in the United States weapons.

Guy Lavergne, a lawyer representing the Canadian Association for Firearms, based on Mr. Morin. That is aesthetic considerations that the gun was categorized in the restricted weapons there twenty years.

“The power, shooting ability and dangerousness of this weapon are exactly the same as other weapons currently unrestricted.”

Obviously, a malicious and informed person could transform the semi-automatic rifle automatic weapon is to say empty a feeder in a single finger pressure, or change the loading device to move it 5 30 bullets. Again, other weapons available on the “unrestricted” market can be well trafficked.

“The transformation of a weapon or removal of a device is liable to a criminal charge, the lawyer stressed. A person may be liable to imprisonment up to 10 years for a first offense, “he concludes.

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