Pervert took hostage 13-year-old girl “four day”: the terrible details

Извращенец взял в заложники 13-летнюю девочку, «четыре дня взаперти»: страшные подробности

A pedophile locked the girl in her apartment for four days raped

A pedophile for several days satisfy their sexual needs with the help of 13-year-old girl, which he kept locked up at home in Moscow. This is reported by Russian media.

It is known that the teenager had disappeared four days ago. Despite the fact that the girl’s parents immediately after her disappearance, appealed to the police to find her failed until, until she managed to escape from the apartment of the pervert, to return home and tell his parents about everything.

Извращенец взял в заложники 13-летнюю девочку, «четыре дня взаперти»: страшные подробности

A pedophile has been arrested. It appeared to be sitting before a man 32 years a native of Magnitogorsk.

As previously reported, the region suspected pedophile abused children three and five years.

In a press-service of the Main Directorate of the National police in Vinnytsia region reported about suicide in the detention center for temporary detention.

As noted, committed suicide a 32-year-old resident of Vinnytsia, who was suspected of pedophilia.

It is known that the court took custody of the man on 7 September on charges of distribution of child pornography and torturing their children. In the camera of the suspect hanged himself with a sheet.

The prison officials provided to the arrested first pre-medical help, but in vain.

At the moment this fact is a consequence.

Извращенец взял в заложники 13-летнюю девочку, «четыре дня взаперти»: страшные подробности

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Earlier it was reported that this vinnichanin abused adopted children: three-year-old girl and a five year old boy. The children were the former wife of the suspect, which was deprived of parental rights.

The police found out that materials containing pornography “pseudo-father” spreading in mobile applications. During the search the police seized electronic media.

Recall, a young girl from the town was attacked by the elderly lover of a minor. The incident occurred on the first of September. According to the mother of the victim, the pervert ran out with the kid from the bushes. He seized the unfortunate by the hand, and she scratched it. Ran to the girlfriend screamed and a pedophile decided to hide.

On the scene called the police, who have recorded inadequate bruised. In the end, the pedophile wrote a statement.

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