“Personally do not know him, but…”: a close friend revealed, who gave Zelensky of money on elections

"Лично с ним не знаком, но...": близкий друг раскрыл, кто дал Зеленскому денег на выборы

Co-founder of “Quarter-95” Sergey Shafir explained how the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky took the money on the campaign

Journalists paid attention that in the list of sponsors of the candidate have people associated with the former Deputy head of the AP Viktor Yanukovych Andriy Portnov. Sergey Shafir revealed the truth about financing your partner in an interview with theБабель.

The comedian said that he knows Andrei Portnov, but “personally do not know him”. According to him, any connection with the politician is “utter nonsense”. Supporters of Vladimir Zelensky opened electoral Fund, guided by the Ukrainian legislation. Anyone could send a candidate money.

"Лично с ним не знаком, но...": близкий друг раскрыл, кто дал Зеленскому денег на выборы

“Yes, we said guys who want to help — that’s the Foundation, pay the money according to the law. Just don’t bring though was the people who said that willing to help financially. The Fund could transfer the money either but I don’t know anyone listed, I have no list,” — explained Sergey Shafir reporters.

There are rumors that Andriy Portnov was doing business team Vladimir Zelensky through a lawyer of Andrei Bogdan. Co-founder of the Studio “Kvartal 95” said that the officer never was in the headquarters. Lawyer Zelensky and Kolomoisky could communicate with him only behind the team.

"Лично с ним не знаком, но...": близкий друг раскрыл, кто дал Зеленскому денег на выборы

“If Bogdan communicates with him somewhere, I suppose, he can communicate. But Portnow — just not our team and to be in it can not. Because we want to bring new people. Yes, there will be individuals who somewhere flashed and with whom to work. Do we not hold your hand. I also worked on the TV channel “inter” where were [the co-channel Dmytro] Firtash and [Valery] Khoroshkovsky”, — said Sergey Shafir.

According to him, mentioned Valeriy Khoroshkovsky also gave Vladimir Zelensky money for the election campaign. “Bullshit,” — said Sergey Shafir. He added that he met with the owner of “inter” in 2012, when the “Quarter-95” has left the channel “1+1”.

“We don’t like sponsors. We like investors who invest money and then receive dividends,” — said the comedian.

We will remind, the disappearance of a foreigner in Kiev, because Poroshenko and Zelensky: it turned out the details.

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko spent on elections four times more Zelensky: amount amazing.

Also Politeka wrote that it is known who Zelensky will appoint the Prime Minister: “absolutely loyal”.