“Pereobulsya” for the season? Now is the time to remove the “on vacation” shot set.

“Pereobulsya” for the season? Now is the time to remove the “on vacation” shot set.

"Перевзувся" до сезону? Тепер саме час прибрати "на відпочинок" знятий комплект.

Understand the intricacies, informs UkrMedia.

After replacing the summer tires remember! Improper storage of the tires in the winter can cause tire wear out. At the beginning of summer can get pretty “battered” and cracked tires, where you ride would be impossible.

Strong knowledge and observance of all of the recommendations will help to avoid this.

What you need to know about storing rubber

Before tires leave “simulate”, they should be well washed and thoroughly dried. Clean and dry the rubber is least affected by storage. As the mud contains substances that can damage our tires.

Should purchase a special spray – preservative for storage of tires. And before storage to put it on the rubber. Preservatives included in the composition have the property that slows down the process of ageing of the rubber due to the so-called oxidation inhibitors in the composition.

Whenever possible, you should store the summer tires Packed in special cohl

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